Welcome to Magical Movie Memories & "Santa Visits Our House 2014" App!

Our Christmas app creates a personal Christmas video of Santa and his reindeer coming to your house, leaving Christmas gifts, eating the milk and cookies you left for him and writing the Christmas letter which you print out and place under your tree for your children. All the scenes in the video are of your house which makes it a magical gift to give to your children on Christmas morning!

Imagine telling your children you videotaped Santa visiting your house! Picture the smiles on their face as they watch the video of Santa actually visiting them and leaving gifts, writing the Christmas letter they find under their tree and watching as Santa eats the cookies and milk you left for him!

You can even email your video of the Magical Movie Memory of “Santa Visits Our House 2014” to family and friends for all to see! It is truly a magical experience for a child! That’s what makes our app so unique and is something everyone will want!

Click on the image at the top of the page to view our new Christmas video “Santa Visits Our House”!